For Calvin Forbes.

For Calvin Forbes.

Thanks. The gun metal grey is really nice as well but I think I’ll stick to the silver.

Ha ha - nice pic snake :slight_smile:

Been told by the seller there are more delays. Cnc delays and software improvements. Not sure when I’m getting delivery but at least I got discount on DHL delivery.

Seller said those colours above aren’t confirmed. Secret until Saturday apparently! Then he will send me the photos of the stock to make a final decision.

Here’s hoping anyway!

Oops better take my pic down didn’t realise it was a secret

lol. I think I’m being fed a BS story but I’ll hold off and see what happens next week. They are the only seller on aliexpress though so must be some element of truth to why King Wear haven’t sent out stock to them??

I think the software side is true as iam still waiting on firmware update to add Google and hopefully some other stuff, the STD stuff seems to work good. Before I factory reset I even had an always on app running, being as it’s amoled you can shut all the black pixels of so only thr coloured numbers use power then you lower the brightness. With out the above mentioned yesterday on STD setup I got 13hours of use with 1.5 hours sot , that’s with out any tweaks or new software so here’s hoping.

So can this or any other inexpensive Chinese smart watch interact with apps such as watchmaker to design faces?

Not sure about this one but i know the other 5.1s dont allthough clockskin way works on the 2 square ones so go figure. Iam sure the mods with all the brains will work it out just have to give them time.

These two I2 and KW88 use a completely different method - well - different maker of watch face. I am talking to both manufacturers but they will have to apply for documentation.
But that’s how we started with the D5 so don’t worry too much.

The specs for the display are great, but that wouldn’t do me any good if I can’t add custom faces. Huawei watch is the standard I’m looking for, but it’s slightly out of my price range. D5 and X5 are nice, but the fact that you can’t change that ugly leather band is a deal breaker.

Will these watch support custom clock face? I mean will we still be able to use csm to make watch faces for these watches?

Nice pick up there @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​.