Focke-Wulf FW 200 "Condor"

On August 10, 1938, Lufthansa’s Fw 200 V1 “Condor” was the first land-based long-haul passenger aircraft to fly the 6,371.302 kilometers non-stop from Berlin-Staaken to Floyd Bennett Field in New York. Unfortunately, this was one of the last civil flights of the FW 200, as the German Air Force became aware of the aircraft.
Countless attempts to convert the Condor for military use followed. All these attempts more or less failed because this machine was very consistently optimized for civil use.
So it can be said that this aircraft contributed to the fact that the Nazis lost the war - because many engineers were occupied with converting this aircraft into a military aircraft, without success …


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Thank you, Doctor. It was hard to build this face because I couldn’t found any good picture of it.
By the way- It was also difficult to find one of this aircrafts for restoration: in 1999 scientists found an FW 200 in a Norwegian fjord. Although it broke during the salvage, it was decided to restore it. The work is almost complete. These clocks have original metal from this aircraft on the center of the dial and were sold to finance the work.

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Great, especially since I’m a fan of aviation but especially military from the beginning to the present day. Some of my museum pieces made by me for my collection …

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sorry, but that plane flew 6,371,302 km - in words, six million and almost four hundred thousand kilometers? It probably needs to be edited… :slight_smile:

Well, I wrote “6,371.302 kilometers”. And that’s correct. Six thousand three hundred seventy one kilometers. And three hundred and two meters…


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it is written differently here. 6 371.302 kilometers or 6 371 302 meters

Not sure what your point is?
First you make an error by faulty stating that @G1NT0N1C made an error, next you point out that he could have written it differently?

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I think he meant to say that it’s spelled differently in his language and that’s why he misunderstood it. It’s also spelled differently in Germany. You write:

6 point 371 comma 302

Yes. the number “6 371 302 km” in Czech means six million 371 thousand 302 kilometers. I think there shouldn’t be kilometers but meters or a decimal point. Don’t say it, it was just a note…

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