First questions

Hi. Im quit new in that topics. I’m now owner of the 12pro and have some questions. 1. Is there any " how to…" about installing watchfaces or other tools from here?
2. How to Check the installed Android Version, Not just A10?
3. The battery life is at the moment very bad, Not even 8 hours, why?
4. There was written in the tec specs that the watch have sleep tracking, I cant find.
5. Can I take over the fitness measurements in Google fit? How?
6. Is there anywhere a chance to gut the user guide aß PDF?
7. Is it possible to scale the fonts on the watch of des everyone have that good eyes to read what is showing on a Web site?

Thanks for help

You are using the original firmware, I guess? You might have a look at this one:
-Unbranded A10 project - FAW & Wiiteer

It will solve some of your problems.

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I am not an expert but I can tell you,

Sleep Tracking is not available on these watches (They advertise on some specs that the watches have sleep tracking - they do not have it) You can use an app if you need this.

Your battery is losing power most likely because you are using too many watch services at the same time, (e.g. Display on wrist turning, Display Brightness level, Pedometer, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Auto-sync and others)

You can use “Clockskin Transfer” app (from play store) to install watchfaces or alternatively connect the watch via BT to PC to transfer.

Hope this helps!

Clockskin transfer has been removed from the play store and is only available for people who have downloaded it in the past.
However I believe that it is still here on the forum… Not sure.

What’s wrong with using the usb cable for transferring skins from the pc to the watch?
I do it all the time.
I have never used BT for this unless I can’t access one…

Sleep tracking has always been an needs to be installed.

They advertise sedentary reminder…
But that’s a different thing altogether

I don’t remember ever seeing sleep tracking advertised on these watches but happy to be proven wrong…

Ah yes Pablo you are right! I forgot the the last time I installed Clockskin transfer it was removed from thr Play Store and I installed it from an apk file.

Back when I bought my Lem12 I did see sleep tracking advertised on a web site (just cannot remember where that website was), however, I don’t seem to recall a stock sedentary reminder on any of my 3 A7 watches.

My bad on the BT to PC statement … I meant to type USB to PC. Too much screen time makes a person silly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :kissing_heart: :grinning:


Thanks so für. But I still have to bother you a bit.
As I said, its new stuff for me.:grinning:
Starting with firmware . If I understood right I will download the tool and FW to the PC and connect the watch via USB?
For sleep tracking, which App?
Watchfaces also via USB? To where I have to copy it?

Have you thought about using the search tool here on the website?
Its very good and the idea of this forum is to empower you to find help.
It’s all here…you just need to look


At the moment I think that the structure of this site ist a bit confusing. I was looking for some easy " how to…" to have such basics on one place. But nevermind I will search. :grinning:

If not on my pc i just turn on wifi, have google drive installed as well as winrar app from the store, then i browse our forum klick on a watchface i like, open with drive, click on it, open with rar, extract to clockskin folder. If done several times its easy and convenient. Cheers

For sleep tracking you need to look on the play store.
For adding watch faces it is here on the forum and the yt channel linked at the top on the banner…
It’s really not that difficult…

Thanks. Im trying just the firmware update and of course Im running in trouble.
I just select “download only” It start to download and then I get a error message

ant thats it. Any idea? Did I brick my watch?
P…S. Solved. It seems the connection was Not stabile. Its flashed now and its just great. Now I will explore the other Things. Thanks again

Have you actually read our guide ?

If not i suggest you do first

The flashing was finaly done. But where the guides located, and is there a naming convention for that? I was searching for “how to firmware update” and I got much but nothing helpfull

It on the YouTube channel which is linked to the banner at the top of the site.

And if you search for flashing firmware you will get many results here

@pablo11 … Hi Pablo., thanks again for the help with the Max S repair, it’s going along fine now - also, I was just in the google play store today (May21) and thought you may like to know that ‘Clockskin Transfer’ is still obtainable from the Play Store and has not been removed. (FYI) :+1: Cheers.


Only if you have downloaded it before. It will stay in your library.
You can test by not logging in to the play store on a pc and look for it.

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Pablo, doesn’t it get tiresome being always right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Terribly sorry old bean… :joy::joy::joy:


Apology accepted my good fellow. :smile: :smiley: