first make, simple look.

first make,
simple look. hope you like



@Galer_vodgals Hello friend!
Congratulations, are you making an hour watch? :slight_smile:
(It’s good. I used to make it so simple, I just do not publish it.) :slight_smile:

@Jozsef_Gorbe hello too my friend, thanks. I just want to try making it. I just used a smartwatch, today I have made 6 clockskin, but I will use it myself, I can’t really make a watch face :slight_smile:

@Galer_vodgals I’m not a pro. I’m just trying.:slight_smile:

@Galer_vodgals , sir inspired by your above design & work of art, I had made an animated watch face that looks too good on an Android smartwatch. If you give me your consent I can post it here on our community in “Faces for Universal Launcher” section as it works only on Eric’s Universal Launcher New Gen (due to use of animated Gif images). Hoping to get your consent soon. Thanks & regards

@Cosmo_De thank you, yes please, I am very happy