Finow x5 plus

Hi guys

Can someone please tell me what kind of mainboard in the x5 plus
I know that in the d5+ it’s w612

The reason - I want to know if we can install the x5 firmware


Nov 27, 2016 21:46:25 GMT 1 shaul said:

weird no one has the watch, but i think if the x5 4.4 has different build than the x3 4.4 i think the x5+ will be the same. i do'nt think you'll be able to flash the x5+ on the x3+. do you still have battery problems?

my lemfo5 is w616_wgl and it suppose to be the same model as X5+. You can’t flash other firmwares, right now you only can root it with kingroot apk. So you can’t flash it on your d5+.