FINOW X5 Firmware 160414 Received directly from FINOW. No change log provided.

FINOW X5 Firmware 160414

Received directly from FINOW.
No change log provided.


How do you got it?
Any changelog?

The update comes directly from FINOW. As to change log, here’s the included email message I received with the firmware:
“I would like to give you the lastest software for you to undate your X5, there just a little change for the Charging current. So it is OK for you to update or not.”

Anybody able to test what change was made related to the charging current?

It’s a very good thing that you have direct contact with the vendor. If you are agree I’m going to publish your update also in the related thread on XDA.
About testing, really I don’t know what to check for “little change in charging current” :slight_smile:

Is it possible to update the watch with this firmware without forget TWRP and applications already installed ?

Yes, you can repost if you like, Ciro Danise. The software is not mine, but from FINOW.
For SPAC Prod myspac, As far as updating without forget TWRP, etc., here is a video of how I did it:

euuuhhh ?? I “download” only with SPTool, but I have forgot all my applications , TWRP …etc… !!! I don’t understand…
Hopefully, I had TWRP backup ! a quick "download sptool with twrp only, help me to restore all.
So, the question is still , how to update the firmware only without forgot all configs , apps …etc…

I try to only check “UBOOT”, “BOOTING”, “SEC_RO”, “LOGO” and “ANDROID” with Sp flash tool. It seems ok (TWRP ask me to reinstall superu, but I have all my applications and configurations (acces point …etc…).

The easiest way is to take a backup in TWRP before you flash and transfer it to your PC. Then do a full update using SP Flash tool. Then Factory reset (always so this to get the best results from new firmware).
Now you flash TWRP back on to the watch and then flash superSU and restore just your data partition in recovery.
This way you always get the best results from the firmware update. Especially when the new recovery from @Ciro_Danise ​​ has more options to make this possible.

You can try other methods but don’t be surprised if there are some odd results due to the previous firmware being different in some way.

Does this only works on finow?? Or with all the d5/k9/x3/k8 mini?

X5 only. Believe me - I have explored this already.