Finow X5 black screen after installing custom watchface


I have a big problem with my finow x5, as the title say, I got a black screen after installing watchfaces.

What can I do to resolve it please ?

Thanks you.

Oct 30, 2016 11:24:30 GMT 1 bob said:

'what did you do? you have black faces or you do'nt have any WF? 

I have use the link to download a pack of watchfaces in the description of this vidéo :

And I have installed it, when I try the first new watchface, the screen go black and now doesn’t work when i touch it and when I push the buttons.

Oct 30, 2016 12:42:04 GMT 1 bob said:

you should do that on your pc:  create a folder named "clockskin" move the WF folders to the folder you've created the WF folders must contain ONLY items and NOT more folders if they do contain folders then copy these folders to the clockskin folder.

clockskin -  WF folders  -  items.

then the clockskin that you created on your pc copy to your watch.

I have deleted all the folders on the clockskin folder, and put only one watchface and I restart the watch.

The watch is working now.

Many thanks for your help !