Finow X3 plus call receiving possibility?

Im wondering why can I recieve calls with the watch? I should be able to, aint I? I only get a notification.

Hello zia,

with a sim card into your watch, of course you can.
But without sim card, in companion mode tethering at your smartphone, no, for now it’s not possible.

Oct 11, 2016 2:18:17 GMT 1 zia said:

hopefully with m2d it will be possible. try this one i've tried it and did't like the idea that it need wifi or Hspot.
  1. How show watches notification about incoming call on BT connected smartphone? Is it popup with phone number or with contact name (if found in contact list)?

  2. KW88 can accept this incoming call with watches. Any chance to obtain this possibility with update in future or is it matter of hardware?

  3. How stable is BT connection between smartphone and watches? If disconnected (due to big distance), how big (in percent) is chance, they will be connected again, if will be distance ok again?

  4. What applications are you using for connection between watches and smartphone?

Thanks for all answers.

  1. you get notifications about calls but you can’t answer the calls.
  2. as in 1.
  3. for me it works well and no disconnections.
  4. i use m2d that is great and can be used by wifi or bt. but there are others like Pushbullet, PPLCONNECT, Swapp Link.