Finow News: Hi every one, Finow X5 plus has come out, from today on,

@Vmax don’t stress. The faces used here are the ones that were uploaded to XDA in large zip files quite some time ago - I’m talking months ago.
Unfortunately there was not much we could do about this. No1, and several others also have access to these zip files.
Some of the faces that are used in this promotional material but are not on the watch itself.
I will be working with Zoe to make sure that the copyrighted faces are gone.

I don’t stress, i just wonder :smiley:

@Jessie_Lin Nevermind i bought the x5 plus altough thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Very good watch :blush:

@Vmax ok, no worries. Just wanted you to know that it’s an old situation that we’re aware of and we’re working on it :+1:

Ooops… impulse buy! Couldn’t resist… I bought the X5+. Now I have to figure out how to tell the wife… :smiley:

How is the battery life compared to the X5 ? thanks.

Bought! Hope I can get straps changed somehow…leather ones are awful

It’s time for true 400x400 and AMOLED. Just ordered one :slight_smile:

What is the blue stuff on the three buttons on the silver model - is’t packaging or its color is like that.??

@Med_Bechir_TAIEB You can pick it down, it is just a plastic

@Huawa_Tuam Q3plus has been released, Here is the link:

are the watchfaces released on this forum compatible with the x5+?? thnks

Does x5+ works with indian sim cards???

The price was announced to be special for 11.11 and then it would rise “to more than 120usd after it” … well, thats a fact … it raised to US$312.48 ??? For me, raising above US$120 meant 130, 140 or 150 … and that would be fine for someone who was unable to buy it on 11.11, but above 300 ?

On the second store the price still 111.11

Bought one via DHL shipping. Let’s see how long it need’s to Germany😉

Hi Jessi

Any news when new firmware update for original Finow X5 is going to be released?


New firmware for X5? That is very unlikely to happen.

Btw, got this email yesterday:
Order Number: 79812124980983
Status: The seller has shipped your order
Can’t wait! :sunglasses: