Finow News: Hi every one, Finow X5 plus has come out, from today on,

Finow News:

Hi every one, Finow X5 plus has come out, from today on, you can purchase from our Aliexpress Official store directly:

The price 111.11usd is prepared for Aliexpress 11.11 globe shopping festival, from now on the price will continue untill it finish and the price will go up to more than 120usd after it. Just one time for it.

We will ship it after 11.11, because now we busy to prepare it, so hope understand, more detail can contact seller, Emily.

Thanks every one like Finow X5plus. Hope you all can enjoy it.


Main Feature for Finow X5plus:

  1. 1.39" A+ true Round Face Display 400*400 in resolution
  2. MT6580 Quad Core Processor
  3. RAM 1G + 8GB in flash
  4. O/S Android 5.1
  5. Bluetooth / GPS / WiFi Supported
  6. WCDMA 850 /1900/2100 bands supported
  7. GSM full bands supported (850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100)
  8. From 316L Class stainless steel watch case
    9)Especially mention: Finow X5plus use more simply New UI, and the Screen is using A grade screen, we are the only one use this screen material in all smart watch manufacturer

@Jessie_Lin I sent you a message at the Aliexpress store.

Jessie You should mention and credit “Tag Heuer Carrera” when you post a Finow with that watchface

do you have any clue of that the q3+ is coming before 11.11 ??

Purchased and looking forward to adding it to my watch collection!!! I think this is my last watch for 2016…now you just need to create a true tethering watch with a sim slot, Tf slot, interchangeable bands, and google play store…that would be my ultimate watch for 2017…Happy 11.11!!!

I’m interested to see the watch faces that have been used…

For me this could be the “Unicorn” watch of 1/8 gig comboed with 400x400 AMOLED … although from what I understand it won’t be alone in that arena for long :slight_smile: What a glorious time to be alive!

@Aliexpress_China have cancelled my order ( 79817850755332) as they suddenly need extra security verification (despite a lot of previous orders). @Jessie_Lin please keep one ready for me at the special price while they verify my ID.

1)Averagely how long will it take to be delivered to the UK?
2) Can u list the product on ebay as well?

Great! After Trump getting elected I could use a bit of good news!

Does it have the same great clockskin engine as its predecessor the X5?

Nice: more “bought” Watchfaces …

@Monkey_Eating_Banana Yes, Finow Q3 plus will come out tomorrow, the eve of 11.11, in our official store, also this is my time, Aliexpress time depend on US time. You can key an eye on it

@Splen_Dence Aha, thanks

@Andrew_Davis Aha

@Andy_Godber Yes, it could not pass the verification, maybe you can contact Aliexpress to check the problem, or you can try to pay with another credit card. We will ship after 11.11, so you have enough time for it. Nice

@Benedict_Somiah Maybe it need 20-30days that arrive at UK, also in 11.11 global shopping festival, the delivery will be a little slow, or you can choose DHL, it will arrive in a week, and also safe.

@Ronald_Jansen yes, It is as same as X5 about watch faces,

@Jessie_Lin I think most of the faces in this shot are not in the firmware and the I will go through them and we can arrange for an OTA to fix the problem. Ok?
I’ll talk to you later about this.