Finow and Lemfo stock watch faces Dear Community,

Finow and Lemfo stock watch faces
Dear Community,
No doubt you’ve all seen the recently released X5+ from FINOW and LEM5 from LEMFO. It was with some surprise that I saw the 2nd and 3rd stock watch faces are my design, among other members designs, 1st published on the XDA forum. I received no notification from either of these companies that that they would be incorporating my work into the firmware of their products.
Now I’m not asking that they be removed, I think that would be impractical, especially given that they have featured my artwork in their promotional video, with some effort spent resizing and animating my graphics.
As flattering as this may be it is annoying to see my work passed off as someone else’s and for their profit.
My reaction to this is to ask for credit from Finow and LEMFO. And maybe 2 tickets to China to visit their factories. I can also offer to design further watches for them as a service.
I invite Finow and Lemfo for comment.

Yep, unfortunately some idiot zipped up the whole lot and posted them on XDA for “anyone to use” quite some time ago. Around early May I think.
I could not do anything about this as they were now out in the wild and being re-posted all over the internet.
This is something that we have done our best to control here in the G+ community but XDA and other sites are beyond our control.
Finow have apologised for this but it was something that happened before it could be stopped.
Sorry @Andrew_Somers ​ and to other designers in the same position :slightly_frowning_face:

Just an FYI here as well. It is Finow that make the watches and LEMFO buy them in bulk from them for re-sale. So only Finow have these faces. They also supply No1 with their watches.
I will offer your services to them and IQI and KingWear as well. They have asked for volunteers to engage but not sure how it would work out. I guess it depends on what you are prepared to accept in exchange for your work…

If anyone else is interested in this, I encourage you to let me know here in this thread.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , you can count on me for what is necessary. Finow, IQI and KingWear if want, can ask and I will do my best for them.

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , I don’t actually mind that much. They copied both pieces without modification including my signature that I always hide just off the screen, but which you can easily see by sliding slightly to the left. So my name now appears in thousands of products shipped world wide :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Somers ha ha, there’s nearly always a silver lining :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I’m in… maybe they could send the watch faces designers sample watches to test their faces :laughing::laughing::laughing:

@I_Alif_Siregar yep possibly. I’ll ask …