Ferrari I present my latest clockskin Ferrari.


I present my latest clockskin Ferrari.

Designed, and made by me, in PS,
idea come from Ferrari Red Rev Evo.

Credit to ferrariwatches:

Nice sharp metallic vivid face, look like as the Italian Stallion :slight_smile:
There is 3 version inside the zip, you can choose as you like.

Day , 24 Hr, battery level, on the face.
Use it day or night… :slight_smile:

Like always, free to use for this community.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment and/or :+1: when you like it :slight_smile:


You’re awesome *~☆☆☆

Wow this is very good… Thanks

Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing!

great job, thanks

Thumbs up !!

Watchmaker pleaseee

Fantastic, Thank you

Nice watch face Thanks

Super travail. :+1:

Very very cool.

very cool and smart

Download these last night. Very, very nice. :sunglasses:

These are awesome. I’m gonna try to work on some Audi watch faces since I’m a Audi guy

After I build a few of my watch faces I might run them by you bro just for you to make sure that they’re working right since you obviously got it down good all your watch faces were perfect

@Kendel_Surette ok, cant wait… :wink:

I even like the nite more, then the black and gold. Really nice.