**FAW release candidate 2 v1.3 - Suspended, pending investigation**

Release Candidate 2 now available - this update CAN be flashed over RC1 using the wireless update app to flash the update zip as usual - this update will wipe your data!! . The apps, watchfaces, and other data will be deleted during the update. So back up your data beforehand.
It may seem overkill - but I am posting the same information as the RC1 thread due to people just not reading stuff.

NOTE to access the downloads you have to be a member of this forum - this will not change !
A very small amount of technical knowledge is required to use this and if you are unsure - please read up and feel confident before you start.
It is assumed that you know what you are doing when you are using the “built-in” Wireless Update app to flash a “local update.zip” However, I have included some simple instructions further down.

This is the Release Candidate for the collaboration between FAW and the Solution Providers in China - Wiiteer.

Our agreement with them is this - and we will not be changing it:

1. To provide a firmware for international users who are using Google apps and syncing their Google data.

2. To remove or replace Chinese web dependencies that were in the stock firmware (due to the great firewall)

3. To get the best battery life possible by removing custom apps and those “just make it work” solutions.

4. Improve security

5. Allow Android to work as it should, without pointless task killers and similar. Battery life is significantly improved this way.

Please don’t ask for additional features unless we announce that we will consider them!
For third party apps like Universal Launcher there may be tweaking needed and we will be working with @Eric_Crochemore to try and fix issues if they arise.
Other Third party apps - it will be best effort support and difficult because they are closed source.

First and foremost, this is about achieving a stable, Google based Android 10 OS.
After the Beta program - we think this Release Candidate is a good start.
We hope that you will have a little patience while trying this update - it may not be suitable for everyone.
Remember - we do this for free and in our spare time because we want a better standard FW for International users of Full Android Watches.

Wiiteer and FAW have spent a long time overcoming the remote working challenges to achieve this.

Currently this is ONLY for the following Android 10 models:
LEM14/Rogbid Brave Pro *
Prime 2/APPLLP Pro
Optimus 2

Note* Rogbid Pro is reported to work but we cannot test it because we don’t support it - users with this model report it is fine.
More may be added to the list as we see what is released in future.

Using this FW - more about this in the download section
Download and copy the correct zip file (do not extract) to your watch storage.
Go to watch settings and select “about watch”
Select the “Wireless Update” app and using the three dot menu at the top - select “internal update”
Navigate to the zip file you have downloaded and transferred to the watch storage and select it.

At this point your watch will tell you it is checking the file and will reboot to complete the update.
This will ensure that no mistakes have been left behind from the previous installation.
You should be on stock firmware before you first do this to prevent unexpected issues
You will be able to use future update zips without flashing back to stock!!

If you get a failed update - it may be that your stock pre-loader was different to the one used to make the International firmware.
For example - LEM15 FAW update may fail on Lokmat APPLLP 4 due to different pre-loader and signature - even though they are the same watch.
We are looking at this but basically if you have this issue you can use SP flash tools in “firmware upgrade” mode to flash the stock Lem15 FW in FW upgrade mode to your Lokmat APPLLP 4 and then this error should be resolved.

The same is true for the LEM14 and Brave Pro and the LEM12 and Lokmat APPLLP 2 and also the Prime 2 and Lokmat APPLLP Pro.

If, at any point you decide to go back to the stock firmware - you will HAVE to use SP Flash Tools to flash the full version for your watch

To download visit the download section which is a seperate category and only FAW site members can see it.
This FW update is offered on the premice that you know what you are doing!!
Understand that due to issues beyond our control - we are not available to answer “how do I do this” questions.
I have had to visit friends just to post this.
My stuff is currently unusable due to floods.
The reason why this is restricted to Level one users (have to have made at least a few posts and read some stuff) is to try and help prevent impatient people trying it and failing.
Take your time please.

If you post nonsense here it will just be deleted.

Changes in RC2 are:

  • Added swipe to remove individual notifications.
  • Fixed problem with the Phone/SMS count not updating.
  • Set charging current for all chargers to 0.65A
  • Updated step counter logic for all.

Please chose “local update”. Make sure that the flightmode is activated.

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Thanks. Did you notice I am on RC1 ? Can we use local update from RC1 to RC2 ? Top post advices wireless or PC update, but I love local update, just wanted to be sure before doing it :ok_hand:

Yes, you can install by local update if you are on Rc1

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When updating fro RC1 to RC2, I lost all extra watchfaces and apps. Just as info, if someone is hoping to update without factory reset, that isn’t going to happen apparently. I hope this will be rectified when getting closer to a final candidate.


Yes, you are right. I have edited the discription. Thanks for reporting.


Did you still have the stock watch faces?

Yes, only my extra added faces disappeared


I think I’ll try it out this weekend when I have time to reinstall and configure apps. If I’m able to get the backups from google 1 to restore I’ll have time to spare.

@Dotsfar is right. But you can’t download other stock- watchfaces, because the watchface sever is not longer working.

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People - it’s designed to make a factory reset and if, for some reason it doesn’t, then you should do it yourself.

A lot of cached data is not going to help, so a reset is a must.

For swiping notifications (for example), if you had updated your watch and not reset - it’s very likely that you would make a post saying that it is not working or the number of calls or texts is not updating etc etc…

So, as always - the golden rule is to backup your data before installing the update.
Please use Google backup - I’m fairly sure that it is working properly now and if it is not, please let us know.

@G1NT0N1C you are right - I should have stated clearly that it would reset the watch. I am guilty of assuming that everyone just did it anyway.

Apologies All.


6 posts were merged into an existing topic: Great new video for flashing firmware by Mr Ticks.

Not that I use the heart rate very much, but just wanted to try it, and it fails in many ways, flickering, message about “keeps restarting” and this readout failed.

Watch: Kospet Prime 2

Being able to flash your stock firmware is a basic fundemental requirement before you modify anything.
We simply do not have the time to help people with flashing - more than we already have.
There are so many videos available on YouTube and pages and pages of documentation this forum.
Again - I am going to clean this thread because there are so many posts about flashing and maybe two or three actually about the FAW update.zip :frowning:


Thanks - I will check this out and see if I can reproduce it.

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Heart Rate bug is confirmed on Prime 2.
Have to test others yet.

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RC2 installed and running smoothly on my LEM15, including working heart rate.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback :+1:

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I have limited access to a computer at the moment.
I have a taken a bugreport from my Prime 2 but it would be really useful if you could get a logcat while the heart rate issue is happening.
Is this possible?

It’s ok, I managed to get it.
It even caused a reboot. :thinking:

At the moment I will disable the Prime 2 RC2 download.