Faisal Ahmed... I hope that this is quirky enough for you...

Faisal Ahmed… I hope that this is quirky enough for you… each number rotates at a different speed and in different directions :slight_smile:


Andy - what about gray panel and white numbers? Battery friendly version :blush:

@Piotr_Blazewicz I’m sure that I read that (on our watches) all colours, shades and black and white all use the same power… let’s see if anybody has any thoughts on this…

I’m sure that screen brightness level (white or gray) make a difference but this time I’m about a colour - love darker ones. Would do it myself but still no PC working.

@Andrew_Davis ​ LCD panel (including IPS) uses the same energy whatever the color it is showing and is only impacted by the amount of backlight (brightness) while OLED/AMOLED panel consumes less energy with black or dark colors

@Ciro_Danise Does this mean that all colours and shades use the same power… or is a black/grey version better?

@Andrew_Davis On D5 and K9 LCD/IPS panels, all colours and shades use the same power. On K8 an X5 OLED/AMOLED panels, the darker is the colour the lower is the power they use.

Ah, interesting… it’s why some people ask for black watch faces… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis thanks a lot pal, you posted something on my request, that’s enough for me. Who cares it’s black or white … hahaha