Face recognition doesnt recognise me

Hello all, I dont want to do a hard reset and lose all my phone contacts and the apps that I installed but I set up face recognition on Monday but the phone wont recognise me and the shirt I had on is in the wash, I think the face recognition is a gimmick. The phone wont let you swith off face recognition unless it recognise you, I can access the phone using pattern recognition but cant even change the pattern since you cant switch it off unless face recognition is trun off and you cant do that if the phone dont recognise you, Anyone else found this to be the case or is it just me?

Well, I’ve spent some time outsmarting Face ID. I succeeded after some time, but it was not easy. It can be outsmarted, but it’s not a fake.
But I agree, it should be able to delete a registered face if you know the code.

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thank for the reply. blessing in disguised, I did a hard reset. lost all my music but it prompt me that there was a firmware upgrade, I did that and BUBBLE list style is there YIPPEE, I finally got the watch I paid for. I can at least see the apps thats installed instead of me spending all day scrolling through the arc :slight_smile: Thank you team for putting it back on, I will have to gine another donation at the end of the month :slight_smile:


Great news and good to hear you are sorted . Had my Prime 2 hours . What a great great watch :+1::+1:


Its a round version of the lemfo lem4 pro very clear sound gps works indoors good phone signal, rock solid bluetooth for music, My preference is a square/rectangle watch but I cant fault this one yet, only thing is I had to order another charging dock


what a relief to know about the gps working properly, can I ask you if you’re refering to a-gps with the sim card and internet available or gps on the watch without sim inserted?

The gps works fantastic on this watch without sim , wifi , data . Just thoroughly tested this , this morning :+1:


I use it with sim card as my daily phone, I dont tether to any other phone so dont use wiwatch,