Eye Ball https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BysDzZ6Uvo9nM1pQWnBYRWp2cDA https://www.paypal.me/AndrewSomers So I can’t decide if this one is gross or

Eye Ball

So I can’t decide if this one is gross or just annoying, probably both. Don’t think it’ll appeal to the masses. Well, haters gonna hate.

The eye rotates ~8000RPM which strobes against the frame rate of the D5. This causes it to jump around rather than rotate, which is the effect I was looking for. The speed varies, depending on what else is going on in the operating system. I’d be interested to know how it behaves on other models and brands.


Nice Andrew. The blue eye :grin:

This one’d be good for Halloween, I think.
I colour enhanced with Gimp to bring out the blood veins (it also made the blue bluer)

very well done. has something of resident evil game :grin: