Extract watchfaces from Lemfo LES1

Hi all,

Anyone able to extract the watchfaces from the Lemfo LES1? I am VERY interested in one particular:

IS the on at 11:55

Thanks in advance

What do you want to use them on? They are useless without the launcher.
They have no xml files…

I was hoping the export would include the .xml
I wanna use it as watchface on my Y3

These watches don’t have xml config. All the function is hard coded into the launcher…
You are better off using Eric’s launcher from here /thread/758/universal-launcher-new-generation-2

So there is no way we can use the stock faces using Eric launcher??

Not that I know of - maybe ask ricktop

pablo11 AvatarMay 8, 2017 3:59:20 GMT 1 pablo11 said:
Not that I know of - maybe ask ricktop

Already answered : stock faces are not clockskin format but hard coded java object, so what can be done is take the pictures from the APK, then it’s up to you to create a clockskin with them.

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May 8, 2017 7:22:36 GMT 1 ricktop said: