Every time I try to load an App from Play Store from the watch

Every time I try to load an App from Play Store from the watch and I press Install and then, on the following screen, “accept” I see a little black square in the center of the watch and nothing more happen. When I move to notification I see an error message from Google Play Store regarding the recovery of information from the server (RPC…). Righ now I cannot download any app… Any help?

Check if you have installed and working properly the google play services in your watch.

In the case that you have it and it not works then try to clean the cache files.

The Google play in the round screen does not allow me to do too much (just searching on the top bar). I do not know how to reach the google play services in the above conditions. Furthermore I do not know also how to clean cache files (is it possible from the watch, without dowloading Cleaner Master?)
Thank you in advance.

Hi luigi, you are right. Install the aplication “Settings search” (Credits to SmartWatch Ticks). This aplication will give you acces to the hidden settings on the watch. You can download it here:

Copy the apk in your internal memory and install the aplication using the file manager. Inside “Settings search” go to “Aplication”. You will see all the aplications installed on your watch. Try to clean the cache there. Inside of “manage files” you can also clean all data.

No. 1 D5, latest firmware, only wi-fi connection…

In setting search>application I deleted the cache, but the problem is still there: no way to download apps from Google Play… Any further advice?

Do you have enough free space in the internal memory?
In google play services go to manage files and clean the data. Then you must introduce again your account.

It’s a mystery. This morning I turned on the watch and the Google Play allowed me to download App! Yesterday I tried for hours with no results. Thanks Sergio and Lokifish.

I’m glad to know, you’re welcome :slight_smile: