Eric Crochemore I am using your launcher in my kw88,

@Eric_Crochemore I am using your launcher in my kw88, but now I don´t receive notifications. Can you please help me to active it.

When launching the app, it will check if you’ve activated the notification, If not it will pop up the setting window that ask for notification access. If you correctly give the access then it should work. That’s all i can say. So to be sure, you can restart your watch, launch my app and see what it asks for.

@Eric_Crochemore does your lanucher support zip files and .watch files?

No, maybe one day…

HI Eric. I reinstalled you launcher v. 1.0.6 in my kw88, and enable notifications. I hear the sound but there is no display of notificactions.

And the notification view is still “No Notification” ?
No idea.