End Call early Optimus Pro

End call early if the hang up page is not displayed.
How do you get the page with the handset back up?
Has anyone had that?
Or is there a way to end the call with speech.


you can long press the power button and select recent task, then you will get a list of the open apps. Or, I believe you can also just go into the app list and open the phone app

that’s the problem.
The window with the handset is no longer displayed.
Even if I close the app, it does it anyway.
I need the window with the telephone receiver.
I have already tried everything.
Try it yourself, call them where and close the window then try stopping the call.
It does not work.
Somehow it should work.


that’s weird, it works fine for me on my bakeey a4. I guess you’ll just have to let the person you’re talking to be the one to end the call instead.

If the window does not disappear, it’s no problem either.
Then I can click on the red handset and finish.
But if you call out a wrong person and the window with the handset is no longer there, you just keep dialing and still be called.
Because you can not hang up before.

Sometimes during a phone call I have gone out of the call window for example because I wanted to check if volte was working(which is was not) and to get back to the call window I have just long pressed the power button, chosen “recent task” and then chosen the call window which in this example would be on the top

Thanks for your help, I had the problem a few times.
If I want to change something in the contacts and ma’m not careful, you can quickly connect.
Then you have the problem to quickly find this window.
Actually, the window should not disappear as long as you call.
Then it would be no problem and you could end the call immediately.

Many thanks