EDIT: New photos from seller.

EDIT: New photos from seller. Tarnish is the black version and the other is gold.


Waiting for some user reviews

I’m waiting to see it on a grown man’s wrist.

That watch looks huggggge

Loving the tarnish colour. Waiting for reviews too

I can see some faces from our members on their page, namely
Star Trek from @I_Alif_Siregar which they renamed “kata”
the LED watch from +Alessandro Domingos

Yep - we are dealing with it @Andrew_Somers

How accurate do we think the dimensions are? I work with design software so I brought a picture in and scaled the display to 1.39". One dimension stated on gearbest is 1.85". It looks like that falls onto the outside of lugs. The outside diameter ends up being about 1.57" which doesn’t seem half as big as the pictures look. I laid it over my zenwatch 2 and it actually seems smaller. I hope this is true because my wrists are small.