Easy Read .. Time-Date--Day-Power .. If you Can Make it Better

Easy Read … Time-Date–Day-Power …
If you Can Make it Better … More Powerful … Cooler …
Use my Design and Update it … Change it … Post it !
Just give me a little credit and Post it ! Have Fun !

DL …


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It’s the perfect idea! How to edit it? I would like to include/replace the current temp and location

Forget about how to edit; I figured out using WatchFace Designer, but unfortunately it’s very limited (for example location or next days weather are not available). I have to use Watchmaker + Universal Launcher (but Universal is not working properly with weather actualizations… :frowning:

@cabania please stop talking shit. Universal launcher IS working properly with weather actualisation. You just have to set localisation properly. Sometimes it needs a second try.

As I said Universal Launcher unfortunately it’s not working, checked during 8 hours yesterday, with GPS and WiFi both connected and working (Weather app worked well)

Believe me. Go to the UL settings and set location step by step. If location is set, weather will work on watchfaces, too, if not, it will only work on your weather app.