Domino dm368 Battery duration is awful, I can't even make half a day.

Domino dm368

Battery duration is awful, I can’t even make half a day. So now the watch is on my desktop and I am using an old pebble.

Do you know wether I could try updating the firmware?

I tried checking for updates from the watch but after saying it connects, it says that servers are not configured for FOTA, I guess that mean I should update the firmware with the USB cable included.

Matter is I cannot find the producer’s web site.

The domino dm368 seems a rebranding of the Lemfo LF16, but even at there isn’t a download section.

Do you know where is the Domino website?

Any other way to update the firmware?

Any other hint?

Thank you.

@Lokifish_Marz Thank you. Understood. Let’s hope the firmware update for the Lemfo will work for Domino as well, if ever. Thank you. What would be the best way if one should buy another watch phone? What are the models best supported? Thanks again.

@Lokifish_Marz @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

Hello Guys, do you know where can i get the lemfo lem5 firmware?

Look guys, as soon as we get the firmware we will let you know.

Lemfo are trying to get a hold of it for us. It may take a day or two…

@Lokifish_Marz @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you

And in the meantime, the mail I had sent to Lemfo from their website got bounced back.

@Tiziano_Solignani I’m not surprised

Ok, sadly DMD refused to give LEMFO the firmware. This is very disappointing as we cannot support the watch properly now.
I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do about this…

Thank you. What’s DMD anyway? Thanks.

Sorry - Typo - It’s DMN Domino .

Here is the only FW I could find

This firmware is dependent on what screen you have. Notice it has HEHUI in the version?
If your watch has this in the version already installed, that’s fine you can use it.
If it doesn’t have these letters in the current version you should not use it. It will make your screen not work if you use the wrong version…