Does this watch exist? 1. Round 2.

Does this watch exist?

  1. Round
  2. Full screen display (no bezel or flat tire)
  3. Changeable bands or nice silicone or metal band.
  4. Able to access apps for face customization or able to access a library of faces like the unique ones I see on here every day.
  5. Decent screen resolution 300x300+
  6. Under $150

The Huawei watch is what I’m looking for but it’s a little out of my price range.

I really like my D5… but it might not meet your point 3.

@Andrew_Davis yeah. I was just about to buy it but I saw that. I’m guessing there’s some wiring from the band into the watch? I don’t mind not having the GPS, but will it be damaged if you remove the bands?

This topic has been discussed on here a number of times (not by me)… try using the search facility to see what other had decided :slight_smile:

I think all the standalone watches have antenna in the bands. If they didn’t I would assume the signal would be bad.
You really can’t get apps full screen on the D5… Some are better than others but square apps on round screens don’t always play nice.
I have changed DPI on some apps with mixed success to get everything in the tiny screen.