Does anyone know why the date is not working?

Does anyone know why the date is not working?
I really would love to work.


It works on my KW88.
And i should know, cause i made this one :wink:

What type of watch do you have?

I think you need Eric’s Launcher for this one too.

Some watches do not handle the date right … you may need UL to make it work :confused:

@Warlock_Weary UL ?

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Universal launcher from the play store
@Eric_Crochemore made it for our watches.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp I have Diggro DI06 clock.Battery indicator and month display work.But the day of the month does not work.
I really like this face and it would be a great day to work.
Please help!
I would be very happy.And grateful thanks to you.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Can they get a link that would work on the face?

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp On request, to many of my Hungarian friends. Can you make this face to work without Launcher?
We would be grateful to you. Please help us!

@Jozsef_Gorbe I will check it out later this week.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Wow … Thank you very much and you will be a great man when you make it.
We will be grateful! :slight_smile:

I’m working on this, just with a phone :slight_smile:

@Jozsef_Gorbe Try this version and let me know if that works;

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp I’m just trying.

Unfortunately, it does not work. The month and battery indicator work, but not the day of the month. :frowning:
It’s so beautiful. :frowning:

@Jozsef_Gorbe Next try :wink:

I replaced the rotating day of month by a stationary one.

Try this version:

missing/deleted image from Google+

Very Nice Of you to do this !

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Dear Friend, I thank you very much for your work !!! Perfect!
I am very grateful!!!
Thank you and have a beautiful day like me now. I’m very happy to have you and respect your job.
Welcome to Joseph