Digital with tap actions


made with WFD, tap actions (5), no problem on stock launcher, have fun…



Hi!.. your watchface is really nice but i cant seem to make it work on UL. Can i ask how can i make it work on stock launcher? Because i cant find it on the watchfaces list.thank you.

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first i really glad you like but so surprised you would not find that face on the stock launcher! usually new faces that we upload to watch are at the right end on the stock launcher, on the UL is alphabetical. you should try change name of face.

to use a watchface with stocklauncher, it must first be unpacked so that it can be found. UL, on the other hand, also recognizes zipped folders.

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Very nice watchface, but in kospet hope the indicators of battery and seconds doesn’t show properly

i don’t know! no problem on my KP on the stock launcher!

This is mine, I don’t know what is wrong ani I like this watchface very much!

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I don’t know what i say! Stock or UL ?

The kospet launcher I think stock

Works well on my lemfo lem 12 pro, only the quicklink to activate the Photo app doesnt work, and when i press on the music quicklink i get an error message that music app stopped working ^^. But looks nice and inspires me to make some experiments with quick links as well. Thanks

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This is common when using package name viewer on A7.1.1 to get info for touch points . The stock apps are totally different on A10

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absolutely fantastic very nice done!

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Thank you mate :+1: