Difference between LOKMAT S999 MAX and LEMT

Can anyone who owns a S999 max and who has had a LEMT in the past, tell us their experience regarding the difference in performance? I have recently purchased a LEM12 PRO, which has the same cpu as the S999, the performances are considerably better than those I had with the LEMT, but I think the lower resolution of the display also coincides: 400x400, S999 and LEMT have a resolution larger, and certainly this affects the speed

I have one and it is the only smart watch I regret buying. It’s shame - the design is beautiful and it gets so many things right. It should have been a huge upgrade over the LEM T. However it is crippled by the firmware. One example is apps can’t be given administration privileges which is a non-starter for me. As for performance it should be better than the T but I would stay away.

thank your for reply, administrative privileges, do you mean the classic permissions for the app or those of root?

It’s a regular non-root permission. Another fatal flaw for me is it doesn’t restart apps after booting.

this is very bad news for me, I use a lot of tasker, this limitation will surely be an obstacle. have you tried with the hidden settings, if this admin menu is found?I remember a similar problem on some Huawei firmware, thanks

Warnings about the S999 already posted - closing this.