Dear members I am new in comunity , i apareciate your suport.

Dear members
I am new in comunity
, i apareciate your suport.

Could you give me a link for a easy tutorial about how upload faces to lemfo lem5?

I think that already exists, but at Web all that i found are not easy, like step by step.

Thank you in advance.

I am brazilian, and if i get a easy procedure in english i promisse translate to portuguese and share it!


No problem - go to our sister site and sign up and go to this link - all will be revealed :slight_smile:

Bom dia Yuri pelo que entendi vc precisa de um tutorial para o lm5

Para colocar as faces no lm5 vc precisa criar uma pasta no smartwatch chamada clockskin e colocar as faces dentro, todas as faces em pastas separadas.

@Jesus_Rubio_Lahera_F Good morning Jesus. Thanks for your assistance - please try to keep this an English speaking forum where possible. @Yuri_Amorim has made an effort to do this and if other members are to assist/understand - we should try to keep it this way.
Your instructions are also incorrect. That is why I directed him to the correct place to ask this question.
If he made a folder called clockskin and put his watch faces inside - it would not work at all.
The folder has to be named exactly like this: ClockSkin on the watch storage area. This is why we have a dedicated support forum.

@Jesus_Rubio_Lahera_F obrigado!
Thank you

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thank you Pablo.
I Will Try to do like you recomended and i Will update you!

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 worked, thank you all

Could anyone inform another links to clockskins for lem5?

@Yuri_Amorim this community is full to the brim with faces that should all work on the LEM5 - except .watch files which will only work with @Eric_Crochemore universal launcher installed

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ok, thank you!