Dear KW88 owners! My watch finally arrived, and I installed a nano sim immediately.

Dear KW88 owners! My watch finally arrived, and I installed a nano sim immediately. I noticed, that probably something is wrong with the 3G antenna. While I’m holding the watch like on the first picture stretched the bands, it has great 3G signal, but as soon as I release the bands, and they go back to normal position, or I wear the watch on my wrist, it drops the signal, and often loses it, and goes down to 2G. Can anybody suggest me any solution to this, how to fix it, how to check, if I’m right, and the problem is the antenna indeed? Any advice is welcomed!

In the worst case it could be a broken solder where the wire from the watch meets the antenna flex-pcb in the bands.

Has anybody some clues how to disassemble the antenna part to check if it’s broken or not?

You might be right. I’ve cut open one of the squares and the antenna pcb is stuck to the square and not to the band. I have to peel it off completely and then try to see if the pcb is glued to the square. Maybe with my hot air desolder gun I can un-glue it.

@Kenneth_Tan ​ Can you please let me know how the process went. Unfortunately I don’t have a hot air desolder, but if you succeed, I’m gonna buy one :slight_smile:

Szia! Végre valaki akinek ilyen órája van.A GSM antenna az valószínűleg amelyik egyedül van magyarul abba csak 1 vezeték megy. Általában a GPS, BT/WIFI antennát teszik 1 szíjba. Ha a kezedre teszed biztosan romlik a 3G jel,mert 2100MHz és az érzékeny nagyon erre,de arra hogy mozdítod a szíjat nem szabadna neki nagyon változni.
Közben láttam,hogy válaszoltak is rá. Szerintem nem kell forrasztani első körben. Írj a janek(at) és segítek.

Unfortunately there is nothing to do the fact that I touch that part of the bands or not. Trust me, if I just put it down to the table, the signal is lost, if I stretch it out, it goes to max suddenly. It would be nice to find a way to remove the rectangular part of the band that covers the antenna - without making any damage of course.

@Petrov_Gabor Watch this video at the 4:46 minute if you have coverage

Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish, but as far as I can see he’s got great coverage (3 bars out of 4) whereas I usually have max 1, but usually none, or even just 2G coverage available.

Sounds like a loose connection for the 3G antenna…Inside the watch - have a look around here in the community and you will find some photos of the internals…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ Thank you very much, I’ve already checked that option, unfortunately this is not the case. I have tried another service provider, and the situation is the same. Somehow I should take that little rectangular rubber off from the antenna, to have a look at it, but until now I don’t have the courage to do that.

So - the internal wiring is sound ?

The internal wiring is OK

Finally I took the challenge, and it seems I was right. It is hard to see on the picture, but the wire and the end part of the antenna is separated apart. Tomorrow I’m gonna solder them, wish me luck :slight_smile:
missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

Ahh - yes. Let us know how you get on. I’m sure that if you are careful it should be ok :slight_smile:
Good luck !

@Petrov_Gabor Did you solve the problem?

First of all I’d like to apologize for the long delay, there was a tragic event in the family, so the project delayed a bit. But now comes the good news: at the end I succeeded to solder the cable to the antenna (despite of it wasn’t even a mm long). Ever since I have maximum 3g coverage on every carrier available in Hungary. Although the heat caused a little “hump” on the back side or the rubber part, it really doesn’t bother me, moreover it reminds me, that I soldered it, which makes me proud of it :joy:
missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Petrov_Gabor sorry for your personal problem.
I think I’ll have to do the same … :slight_smile:
Is it easy to take off antenna protection? Any special care?
When I turn on the gsm the watch heats up a lot … did you have that problem too?