Dear Community, I have a question concerning an update of the firmware of my

Dear Community,

I have a question concerning an update of the firmware of my No.1 D5 watch. As fas as I understood the discussion in thje XDA forum and here, there are two options at the moment, the new March 16 fimware of No1 or the custom firmware v1.2.1 of Lokifish Marz.

The No.1 firmware can should be possible to update at the watch itself via Settings/About device/System update. Since the release was published I try to do this bit the watch always tells me “your system is up-to-date” The status says: "Recent Version: APLS.KK1.MP7 V1.22 20151223-22.31. For my understanding, this is not the actual one, right?

How can I update this watch? As far as I´ve seen there is no possibility for Mac users to update it manually via computer as I would need specific software running only on Windows. I would prefer the custom one (esp. beacause of increased abttery life) but I also would need SPTools and (or???) TWRP ? to perform the update, gight? I´m sorry but I am not used to this Android stuff as I am usually Apple user (Mac/iPhone/iPad). That´s why I am also unfamiliar with terms like “wipe”, “root” etc.

I am also a bit unsecure about problems I´ve read from in the xda developer forum possible arise from installing a custom ROM for a NOOB ike me…

Please could anyone here help me / give me an advice how to proceed?

Thanks in advance

in my experience… i did a flash for the first time 2 days ago… the only thing that is IMPORTANT is to follow Lokis guide step by step and NOT jump/forget any of the steps… but as always there is a risk with flash/root… i had no problems following the steps and understand what i was doing thanks to Loki