Dear colleagues! I want to inform you on an opportunity to use function of

Dear colleagues!
I want to inform you on an opportunity to use function of turning on of the chosen watch face at a hand raising. This feature in Launcher (V 1.1) from the Eric Crochemore developer was found by the participant of our forum on 4PDA® - s-25. For this purpose it is necessary to disconnect in the Gesture settings - to remove a tick in “Screen on rasing” and to include after that “hand brights screen ON” in the top menu… By the way, the weather widget which shouldn’t have worked in this launcher what the developer Eric Crochemore informed on began to work!

Thanks for the tip @Sher_Akiloff ​​ :+1:
By the way, did you see I released the new KW88 firmware over on the technical proboard forum?
It seems to be very stable and reports are that battery life is improved…

Not only saw, but also has published on the resource 4PDA® . Thank you for this information!

I’m glad you got it. I have also asked for an OTA version for those who don’t like to flash…

Nice! Thanks!

Where is the “Hand brights screen” located on the watch?

This is something we’ve all been waiting for! Thank you so much for the tip.

@Michael_Hodges ​ from the main clock screen swipe up and right on the wifi, bt, data and other toggles. The icon that looks like a split watch is what you are looking for (second line, 1st left)
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Michal_Kuti ​ Thanks got it!!!

All of us have this fine function thanks to the talented programmer and very generous person - Eric Crochemore! Thanks to him!

Yeah @Eric_Crochemore ​ is the man for sure!!!

where can i get Launcher (V 1.1) its no longer available ?

I’m running the lastest version of @Eric_Crochemore ​ Launcher and it works.

@Michael_Hodges where did you get the launcher from?

I found it and dam this is good no longer do i have to spend hours converting watch faces to apk lol was disappointed with this watch all my others i would use next launcher and run watchmaker live wallpaper for the faces but no live wallpaper on this device but now its as simple as one of my android wear devices so thanks alot to all of you :slight_smile:

I have install @Eric_Crochemore launcer and it’s a great work… I THANK YOU for that.

However in my KW 88 there’s a weird behaviours, such:

  1. Camera sometimes not working
  2. Notification sometimes not working
  3. and most bothering problem: “the hand bright screen on” suddenly not working, and I switch to “screen on rising” also not working. Until I uninstalled the launcher, still not working. Finally I reset the device into Factory Reset then back to normal. Does someone find same problem as mine??

How to fix beside doing Factory Reset