Dear all, for a week I own a KW88.

Dear all, for a week I own a KW88. Now i’m looking for a heart rate monitor app. The built-in app does not support automatic measurement and/or saving to an account.
Is there anyone who uses another good app?

The apps I tried did not support the sensor in the KW88.


Are you talking about an app on the KW88 or an app on your smartphone connected to the KW88?

“The official app: WiiWear. Once paired, all notifications are pushed to the vibrant watch screen including messages, calendar events, and more. Crucially, all your critical health and fitness data will automatically sync to the phone app.”

@Hejko_S ​does your WiiWare app do that? I mean sync health data? What version you have? Mine is 0.10 I think

@Hejko_S I’ve connected the watch to my phone using WiiWear. The watch receives all pushed notifications. However, the only thing that is pushed from watch to phone are the steps.
Heart rate is not being pushed, so I have no method to store these data.
For that reason was my question if there is an app that uses the heart rate sensor of the watch and makes it possible to collect that measured data and store it (online)?