CronoSurf Watch App Beta Testing - Request your support Toni,

CronoSurf Watch App Beta Testing - Request your support

Toni, the developer of the CronoSurf Watch App, has just posted an instruction page for the new features of the upcoming redesigned app modified to work on round Android watches (like the X5 he now has for development).

If you have a chance, can you look this page over and try out the beta app on your D5/X1/K8mini/K9/X3/K8/K18/X5/etc. watch? He would appreciate feedback as he is in high development gear right now.

Thanks. Here’s the link:

I don’t understand how this app works

Thanks to @SmartWatch_Ticks for sharing this. Looks very interesting and I’m about to get it installed myself. Thanks @Toni for making it available to us.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 when you install it please let us know how good is it

In addition to telling current time, it supports a settable world time mode (no auto time zone changing, and only one world time), a one time or repeatable alarm, a single event or looping countdown timer, a stopwatch, and even a 100 year calendar (where you can figure out what day of the week a particular day of any month in any year within the range falls on). It has a nifty set of options to show battery level (he’s currently testing color changing icons based on power level vs all white). The feature can be turned on as digital on-screen numbers or shown with an analog pointer where 10 o’clock on the dial is 100% and it moves counter clockwise from there to 12 o’clock for 0% power. A feature I like is that the whole watch face can be scaled larger and smaller. It can be increased where the date rings completely disappear or scaled down where the pseudo watch buttons are shown outside a rather realistic watch face. It was originally made for Android phones with wallpaper support, but with the advent of our round Android watches, it is more at home than ever.

Now mind you, this is an app and not a designer created clock skin to be dropped into your watch to appear with all your other watch faces. It works differently. Because of that it can do many more things. It’s already tapping into battery. It could tap into a compass if our watches had one (it does that on phones and you can change the hands to compass hands with the press of a button). Not sure if it would be possible to read heart rate and pedometer steps on our watches, as that hasn’t been a focal point. It does have touchable areas on the screen, both buttons and swipes, along with overlays, so it shows potential for using the full screen in watch face mode. Enjoy!

It really is a beautiful piece of design… I downloaded it via my PC and it automatically sent it to my D5 (and tablet)… it works very well but for me, I found it too small to see and a bit complex to use - that is not a criticism…

Thank you very much for the explanation! So much to learn now :wink:

He has good documentation online at along with a web based version and tutorial. I wish all app developers were this thorough!

Is there a way to map one of the HW buttons to start this app on the finow x5 @SmartWatch_Ticks

I like the idea here but it absolutely eats battery !!

join the beta program. Much better but still gobbles battery power

I have noticed no increase in Battery consumption. The only way this phone eats up battery is when all functions are activated. If GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth are off the watch will last 2 and a half days.

that’s good news :slight_smile: