Countdown required

Hi guys, my ask is simple, are there any countdown software for ours round Android watches??
Most of the newest like LEMP, prime 2, Optimus 2, etc can download the stopwatch app from their own phone play store and this app is perfectly adapted for it’s screens, but I didn’t found any round countdown app and it will be very useful for me.

Thanks for your answers!!

This one:
might do the job.

It only uses numbers on the screen and is set with gestures. I haven’t fully tested it to see if there are any issues with zoom settings as yet, or battery, so there maybe a need to follow some other setup instructions for the watch to let it run in the background.

Most of the others appear to need the setup screen to be in square mode and the countdown in round mode. A bit silly, I agree.

The stopwatch from the z40 appstore is just a stopwatch. A bit sad.

Hope this helps. (Might need to be moved to “Round display friendly apps”.)


Just curious. Did you look at the Clock app on your watch? Every watch I have features an Alarm function (swipe to right), Swiping to the left you have a Timer and Stopwatch.


The LEMFO LEMP or android 9 watches doesn’t seems to have that function on the alarms app integrated. Look at the pictures below:

I’ve installed and tried, but it didn’t work, even didn’t pass through the initial screen, look at the video.
Ok my phone worked ok, but not on my watch…

The stopwatch app made for this watches it’s very useful and perfectly adapted for it’s round screen, but it’s not a countdown app…

You can try mine :


You are right! I forgot about it! :grin:


Thanks so much, Eric!!!
It needs to be a little bit pulled off, but it works GREAT anyway!! Thanks man!!:muscle:t2:
Must be the ONLY countdown app for our full Android watches that REALLY work.


BTW the countdown timer applet in UL has been broken for some time (maybe since A10?). No big deal, but I did find it useful.

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Thanks for the advice Bozley, anyway I’m using it with the smartphone’s stock launcher… Too much newbie yet for those things, ha ha.

A few days ago I saw a Mr. Ticks video where he manage a circular apps launcher on a watch (I think it was the old blade Genesis), wich allowed him to launch his frequently apps easier than going to apps menu and find them there… it was really great, but still I don’t know too many about those things and how to install them on my LEMP.