Could this be fixed?

The slot where the band goes broke. Pic below. Any ideas what I could do to fix?image

My Kospet Optimus Pro is made from metal for that part, is yours?

Seems to be metal or some sort Of really hard plastic.

The tab by your thumb is broken also in the second picture! You will need to replace that entire front piece IMO.

it looks like the screws are oxidized due to sweat. And then break the case.


Ya’ know what? YOU NAILED IT! They are using dissimilar metals for the screw and the case, causing GALVANIC CORROSION.
" Galvanic corrosion can occur when dissimilar metals are in contact with each other and an electrolyte. For aluminium, a reactive metal in the galvanic series, this is the most common cause of corrosion. When aluminium comes into contact with a more cathodic material it acts as a sacrificial anode and becomes susceptible to corrosion."
The aluminium case is literally melting away!
I think @pablo11 would be VERY interested about this!


How does it get replaced ? Thanks for the replies everyone.

exceptional diagnosis gentlemen

cure: Permatex Silver Grade Anti-Seize, 113-g (rub some on the screw threads)

Prevents rusting, cold welding and galvanic corrosion between assembled parts.


i have another name for that compound
it’s called copper slip or copper ease
very popular in the UK i use it a lot

Supposed to apply before ? Cuz mine is already broken. I just need some ideas how to save this watch. Thanks :slight_smile:)

Major flaw, Kospet service refused to address it with me.

I can’t agree that this is a major flaw because very few (and I mean only 4 or 5) have had this experience after over a thousand units sold.

It is very frustrating I agree and I will talk to them about the situation.
@eswiderski and @Juan_Derful can you tell me how long you have had these watches for please?
And where did you purchase them from?

I am interested in what warranty was offered by the seller?

@Juan_Derful if you are interested in fixing the watch body so that you can keep using it then I would advise that you clean the surfaces carefully with a midical swab or cotton wool with some ethanol on it. Only enough to make the cotton damp. Cleaning the surface is the most important part because it will simply fall apart again otherwise.

After the surface is clean then you can use Araldite epoxy glue to repair the damage.
I have done this myself in the past and I even used a little black charcoal powder to make the Araldite black to blend in with the body material.

Once it has been left for a couple of days you can trim any excess and tidy it up…

This is just my opinion of course but I have done this and it works.


@Louis_Peek the body is made from ABS (high strength industrial plastic) so I don’t think it is a metallic reaction.
Having said that I am still surprised to see these type of screws used.
They are very low quality and highly susceptible to rust from the salt in our sweat.
I will raise it again with them.


OH my goodness, you are correct. My black paint was scraping off to expose a silvery textured undercoat (paint?). I scraped it a little and yes it’s plastic beneath it! Looked just like aluminium! Thank you!

Yes, otherwise internal antenna system does not work. :+1:

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Ok, if the case is plastic, V2A screws should solve the problem.

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Here is a link that a member had found:

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Hi again.
I have had a discussion with Kospet about this issue.

You can contact them here:

Please give details about your order number and when and where you purchased the watch.
Let them know that you are from this forum and we advised you to contact them.
They have seen this thread here and understand what is happening.
I hope it helps you guys.


Thanks Pablo. I’ve sent an email. Will update what happens.

I bought this watch in July.