Could someone do this for me?

Could someone do this for me? I love that!

What not give it a try yourself Ric … you would be surprised how well you can do if you take you time and be as accurate as possible and this is actually a pretty simple one to do

I really wanna try bro! But I don’t know where and how to install the application

It has been done! Just search!

I know but i have a kingwear kw99, does it works on it? Cuz I have downloaded many watchfaces but in Google Drive.

@Riccardo_Ramaiola you really should start to use the search function. If you found one, try it. Most of them should work.

@G1NT0N1C ​ I have found that, but I must use Dropbox to download this watch. Usually I use Google Drive, Idk why it doesn’t work with Dropbox… Should I download Dropbox app on Google play?
I have a kingwear kw99

@Riccardo_Ramaiola I’m quite sure you can download it from dropbox without downloading the app.

@G1NT0N1C ​ Cuz in my watch doesn’t appear the download button, it doesn’t stay in the screen, so I will try with the application and I will tell you if it has worked or not😁