Continuing Eric Crochemore 's announcement, WatchFace Designer v0.11.0 has been released.

Continuing @Eric_Crochemore 's announcement, WatchFace Designer v0.11.0 has been released. It contains major UI changes on the sliders, supports DAY rotations and 4 different type of movements, making the type of WatchFace presented in the animated GIF below possible on (extended) ClockSkin.

The download link is at the forums:

As a bonus, so you can check the new features, here is the watchface of that GIF:

And here is the WFD .xml that generated it:

Forgot to mention: This clockskin only works correctly on Eric’s Universal Launcher version 2.5.2 (or later, I hope :slight_smile: )


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Fantastic ! Thanks @Marco_Ferreira & @Eric_Crochemore :slight_smile:

This is a game changer. The hands movements give the watch a whole new level of realism. Great work there.

You convinced me to install Eric’s launcher :wink:

@Jacek_Klodzinski you wont regret it. Maybe it only happened to me, but one if the first things i noticed was an increase in battery life.

Thanks Marco,
I was waiting for day rotation.

@Jacek_Klodzinski ha ha - good stuff :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira you mean you are getting better battery life after these changes? I am surprised… That’s cool

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 no, I mean I’m getting better battery life using Eric’s launcher than I was using the stock launcher :slight_smile:

I haven’t compared battery consumption with this new version yet, but I too would be surprised if elastic movements consumed less than smooth movements, considering more calculations must be done to have the elastic effect :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira thanks mate. I am interested to see how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi does Eric launcher 2.5.2 works on finow x5 air ?

@Robert_Zarifeh yes it does

@Marco_Ferreira no success :frowning: On my Finow X5+ Eric’s launcher works good but I can’t slide down to the settings window… so - factory reset and I will try this week again.

@Jacek_Klodzinski when you slide down (try not from the very top of the watch, but a little below) you should see the battery info, and then just slide left to see other pages. It’s strange that it is not working… Maybe it’s some other software messing with it… hope your factory reset works. Good luck.

By the way, just the ability to put the clockskin in zip format directly on the folder makes Eric’s launcher worth it, considering the delay per file that the MTP introduces. Much faster transfer of multiple clockskins, and space saving :).
Just make sure the zip has no sub-folder inside… (that’s how I publish my clockskin zips)

Hi now it is working 100% thank you.

@Marco_Ferreira After factory reset now Eric’s launcher works fine! And new movements are very nice! But today is 3. February - why on your demo I have 30…?
And you are right - it’s necessary to touch the screen close to the center for sliding. Perfaps I did it on the top.

@Jacek_Klodzinski there’s a bug on Eric’s launcher that only rotates the day clockwise. Neither him, nor me, detected it before release (all my examples were having the day rotating clockwise). When I made that demo, Eric’s launcher had already been launched (pardon the pun) and I was only making sure that the export to watchmaker also supported these new features, so I’ve only tested in .watch format and assumed clockskin would work correctly. “why wouldn’t it?.. I tested it before.” And as those thought came to prove once again, assumption is the mother of all, er, polite mistakes :wink:

Anyway, Eric has already solved it and will release a new version soon. In the mean time, please use only clockwise day rotations on your designs, do not repeat my mistakes :slight_smile:

If you wish, I can publish the .watch file, or you can generate it on WFD with the xml I provided, place it on the clockskins folder and you’ll see it working correctly, on Eric’s launcher :slight_smile:

Marco - I changed direction in your demo, and text from a string 01,02,03… to 31,30,29,28… and there is one day difference. Today it shows 02 instead of 03. The same in WFD oreview and on the watch. It’s OK when I have a string 01,31,30,29,28… Perhaps because start angle is for 01 in this case - not 00? It can be 31,30,29,28… but start angle must be changed to 103 from 91.

@Jacek_Klodzinski yes. You are changing the rotation direction, not the start point. So, the start point must remain the same. If the start was 01, then it still must be 01. On counter-clockwise rotation the next in the sequence would be 02, then 03, followed by 04… In clockwise rotation, the number is decreasing, so the next in the sequence would be 31, then 30, followed 29… That makes the sequence 01,31,30,29… If you wish to start with 31, then you are changing the starting point, so you’ll have to change the start angle…

@Marco any chance to get callories counter on our skins? i have some on my h2 but didnt see the option to make them in WFD would be awesome if u can add this feature the clock engine seems to support this on standart launcher. Greets