Congratulations!. Following the tutorial and downloading sdk and Android Studio...and from first attempt on

Following the tutorial and downloading sdk and Android Studio…and from first attempt on KW88…here is Mr. BATMAN CLOCK SKIN.
Creation is 5 mins…however figuring out Android studio UI was a 2 hrs job…As a user.
It is fun…but this is minor development.

If this is the case…1000% we need to unlock other resources as this is very limited.
Thanks a Million to Smash for his effort. I learnt a lot today during my break.

Thank you sir…you tought us and we learn from you.
Hope we get your guide for I2 and Zeblaze.

My question…why Bat%, steps, and temp./ or weather are locked although some kw88 native skins they have it?
I did not try yet.

@Khalid_Naji Native skins use dedicated (per face) in app code to display watchface. While external watchfaces use something like an API, which is limited and buggy.

this make sense…thanks for your reply.

@Smash_Smashin have you tried as system app?

At manifest you have not permission to do that
As system app no permission need

@George_Zervas My watch is not rooted and so far I don’t want to root it. And even it was a system application - the result would be the same.

@George_Zervas it’s limited because this method uses the resource capability within the apk file you create.
I have sent @Smash_Smashin some more detailed configuration files but it’s about getting the watchnew launcher to use external resources like the other launchers.
For example, Finow’s launcher uses a an external resource called “clockskin” and any faces placed in this folder can be used by the launcher and have access to sensor outputs as is configured within the watchnew.apk and it’s framework.
This is what we need - or similar - if we are to get the use of the more advanced configurations like battery use, weather and other sensor outputs.

Great…hope Smash will come up with some good news for us later.