Congrats for all your hard work.

Congrats for all your hard work. Here’s your October 2016 creations as posted in this forum. November and December will be coming as soon as I can catch up!

Wuuuuauuu a lot of them!!!

Excellent work… you’ve been very busy again… these are my favourite videos :slight_smile:

They are my favorite videos too. After the review, I play with the faces all over again, pick a few favorites, and add them to my ever growing “master” face list which I update to all my FINOW/No.1 watches over time. I even play with ordering them in a nice sequence, like how one would put together a music playlist. You don’t think I’m addicted, do you?

Mr Ticks, how order clockfaces? On my kw88 with Eric’s launcher I can’t see a logic order… And how order!

I have to ask for help from those who know. I’ve not used Eric’s launcher yet. Anybody able to help Alberto out on this?

@Al_Rod ​​ @SmartWatch_Ticks ​​ as far as my experience with Eric’s launcher goes, the watchfaces order in a timely manner. I mean - first added, first in the list. Every time I add a new one into the ClockSkin folder (no matter the name of the face), it appears as the last in my watchface drawer.
So I suppose the only way to order them is to clean up the ClockSkin folder in your watch storage and add them in the order you wanna have them.

Mr. Smartwatch Ticks, I follow you on youtube for more than a month now. Today I received the LEM5. I cant wait to install the custom watchfaces from watchawear. Can you please guide me through the step by step process ? I will be very grateful.

I’m pretty sure the watchawear faces will be working on the KW88 class watches, @Ehtesham_Siddiqui . The LEM5 is like the X5 of the FINOW.No.1 class of watches, so the traditional method works for the LEM5. I don’t yet know much about how the watchawear process will work as our other team members have been developing that while I’ve been busy making videos. So, if anyone more familiar can help you out with instructions, thea would be great.