Colmi i1

I have Colmi i1 CPU is MTK6580 with 2GB/16GB and 1.39in screen. specs are very similar to IQI I4Pro.

After installing an apk for Screen dial it stuck at Application Initializing screen. Then I found a procedure to install a firmware, I choose a firmware of IQI i4pro.

I started the process through SP tool, which was ended successfully. but unfortunately when I finally turned on my watch the screen shows jerks and gets blank, during startup watch also plays starup sound, in addition to these when I connect watch with my notebook it also shows I4 with 12.9gb storage( I can also view watch contents.

can anybody help me about the way forward. please help...


Jan 14, 2018 19:10:31 GMT 1 fareed said:


can you link me to the firmware you've used?

***i think you’ve used the i4 air firmware.


I downloaded it from above link

Jan 14, 2018 20:25:40 GMT 1 fareed said:
/thread/1402/i4-2gb-ram-model-fw I downloaded it from above link

You need the firmware update without the hehui in the name... It's here somewhere, I'll have a look

First post on the forum!

I’ve run in to the same problem as OP, my watch is stuck while booting…
Did anyone ever find a working firmware that I can flash my watch with?



it looks like i4 watch, you need to be sure which model of i4 it is and you can flash it with the i4 firmware but be careful you need to be 100% sure of which watch it is cos there are several models.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Did some research and ended up flashing this firmware: AQR-LAUNCH-I4Pro-1602-Fitness-NHT-V01-20170921
Works like a charm and the watch is usable again

Thanks again!


thanks for sharing so others will benefit from it also.