Cerco una clock skin in tema "the division" possibilmente come questa

Cerco una clock skin in tema “the division” possibilmente come questa

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Andrea, se scrivi in inglese ti possono rispondere molte più persone.

Ok grazie del consiglio

I made this watch face. This is my work.

@John_Blundon yeah, I think he’s trying to ask something but don’t know what as I’m on my phone and auto translation is not available

Yes, Andrea requested a port of that face

Thanks @Ciro_Danise

Yes, excuse BLuNDoN I do not want to steal your job, I only got the base of your dial and modified with ClockSkinMaker to suit my Finnow X5.
The merit is all yours, sorry

Very cool, I never meant that you stole it, I heard no idea what you said :slight_smile: but that’s super cool, glad you like it :slight_smile:

I’d love a port of this one… @John_Blundon where did you post that one? Really a stunning piece of work - just right for us agents out there :wink: