Cartier Rotonde de Cartier "Masse Mystérieuse"



“Cartier has a history, going back one hundred and ten years this year, of making mystery clocks . . . The Masse Mystérieuse is a watch that seems exceedingly improbable at first glance and it continues to seem even more improbable the closer you look at it. It’s an automatic watch which of course, means a winding rotor (or oscillating mass, as it’s sometimes called) but the trick with the Masse Mystérieuse is that the rotor is also the movement . . . There are several mysteries at play here. How does the rotor’s movement wind the mainspring if the mainspring is inside the rotor? How does the movement rotate without the hands rotating, as well? And how does the winding and setting crown work when it appears to be completely mechanical and disconnected from the movement?” [Reference:]

Clockskin Version 1: The oscillating skeleton weight rotates around the dial twice per minute; the individual gears do not rotate individually.
Clockskin V1 Zip File Download Link (WFD Enhanced format)

Clockskin Version 2: The oscillating skeleton weight is in a fixed position (as in the above picture); the following gears rotate individually – the balance wheel, the escapement wheel and catch, and an additional gear.
Clockskin V2 Zip File Download Link (WFD Enhanced format)

In the following video of my “.watch file” version of this watchface, the gears rotate individually and the oscillating skeleton rotates as the watch physically moves via the watch’s accelerometer sensor.

:musical_note: “Let’s twist again, like we did last summer . . .” :musical_note:

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