Can the Android Device Manager's "locate my phone" feature be used to locate the

Can the Android Device Manager’s “locate my phone” feature be used to locate the person wearing one of these watches?

We’re thinking of buying one for my father-in-law, who is beginning to show signs of Alzheimer’s.



Yes with all these condictions:
Smartwatch ON
Gps ON
3g ON or connected on a wifi…
your Google account activated

Hi @Zoide . Try checking out this one:
For more options, look here:
and here:

@Fabio When you mention that the smartwatch is on, does that mean that the screen has to be on? How long would the battery last under those conditions (GPS on, 3G on)?


@SmartWatch_Ticks Thanks for the links! I’m more interested in the new crop of Android 5.1 watches though, as part of the challenge is to get my father-in-law to wear the darn thing, and it would be much easier to convince him if it looks elegant than if it looks like a kids’ toy :wink:

That’s all I could find. Perhaps other folks on the G+ community have some ideas for you.

Here is an interesting alternative if you live in a densely populated area, Writing a Android app to do it is another thing.

@Zoide ​…no of course screen off…Gps on but Make sure that apps that use Gps are off…
I think 6 ours

Somehow I deleted the one plus on my comment. My apologies to them. Still learning how this G+ thing works.

@Fabio Wait, so if GPS is on the battery life is only 6 hours? :open_mouth:

I think Yes…It depends how do you use It…

We would only be checking up on his location once or twice a day depending on the situation. The thing is that his GPS would need to be turned on the whole day in case we do need to locate him (asking him to turn it on himself would be beyond his skills).

Ah ok…1 day surely

Glad to hear that!

Think about It,…half our runkeepeer… From 100 to 92 percentuale battery

Sorry, I didn’t understand your last comment.

How about

@Zoide apps like runkeepeer such a lot of battery sony smartwatch 3 in half hour of runkeepeer such 30 percent of battery

@Dominic_Weston Thanks, but he’s lucid enough that he can go out by himself and do fine, it’s just that sometimes he forgets to meet my mother-in-law at a certain place and she looks and looks for him all over town :stuck_out_tongue:

We ended up buying him a cheap DZ09 smartwatch (no GPS, but can take phone calls) for now, while we wait for the Finow X1 Plus to come out.

We gave it to him today and he really likes it. We’ll see how long the battery lasts, etc.

Thanks all for your suggestions!