Can someone please make these faces?

Can someone please make these faces?


@Mustafa It’s unfortunate not to be “.zip” because it’s not compatible with my Finow X5 Plus

@Berilo_Passos Can not it be with watchmaker app?

@Mustafa this community is for Android Clockskin maker faces only - no Wear or any other type is supported. Sorry - but that’s why this forum has the name it has.

@Richard.P_Weijens ​ As explained, it is not compatible for clocks in this community.

@Mustafa I do not find this app interesting, I think it excludes the originality of the clock

Just did this while trying my watchface designer app. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad for 30 minutes of work :). The hands are from WatchAwear, hands zip pack 1-watch-hand-zip-pack-hb-ap.

The original:

The ClockSkin:

missing/deleted image from Google+