Can FAW faces be transfered from a Kospet Hope Lite to Prime 2?

Hi Whizz kids! :crazy_face: I have a number of faces on my Kospet Hope lite that I would like to transfer on to my NEW Prime 2 (Yep, I got me one! :rofl:) can I do it direct somehow…or can I transfer them on to my computer send them to the prime 2 via Clockskin Transfer? I ask this because a number of the face I have on the lite are no longer available on the Forum…so the only way I can get them is off my Lite. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Cheers, I want to “Prime” my Prime…as it were! :crazy_face: :rofl:, Doons

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Yes, that is possible. The easiest way should be to connect your Hope lite to your computer. Use a USB cable and the dock for this. With this watch you have to select USB data transfer under Connections. You should then have access to your watch’s storage. Now copy the contents of the “Clockskin” folder to an empty folder on your desktop. Now you can connect your new watch to the computer. Copy the contents of your folder (not the entire folder) to the “Clickskin” folder on your new watch.


Way to go G1N!!! :+1: :+1:And the best part ids that I actually know what you are talking about re- using “USB data transfer” (Who’d have thought it possible? :crazy_face:) Many thanks mate, I’ll give it a go right now! Cheers, “This Tech Savvy business is easy” :woozy_face: :rofl:, Doons

I use this method to set up all new watches with apps as well . Saves downloading from playstore over and over . I have the .apk files in a folder on my desktop ( these are the installation files of my favourite apps ) . I copy them onto watch . Click on each one and apps install . Its magic :sweat_smile:

You can get them from apkpure

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Well I tried G1N’s method but when I fired up the Kospet Lite the “USB” option was “Greyed out” and I could transfer files from watch to computer using the charging cable (On the Prime 2 the USB transfer function is enabled) I did look around in settings but I couldn’t find a way to turn the USB file transfer on. But not too worry I’ll get it worked out sooner or later (Later most likely! :woozy_face:) but Man, this prime 2 is some watch! Cheers, Doons

If i remember correctly this is the only way with this watch

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