Can anyone of you please create this watch face,

Can anyone of you please create this watch face, thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

@Prabu_Arun Welcome to Round Android Smartwatches G+ Community

Good manners are required here. When asking for a face to be created or asking for help - remember to say please and thank you or you will not stay a member here for long !

This watch is very interessant! Someone can make, please? :slight_smile:

Manners people !! It doesn’t hurt to say please or thankyou
@zsolt_m @Eric_Crochemore @sonia_sophie_ataunna

Please apologize me and thankyou too

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Sorry, I did not write in that sense, accept my apologies. :slight_smile:

As this is an ongoing issue with new people coming on board and requesting new faces, why don’t you create a simple form that must be filled for such requests ,staring with PLEASE and ending with THANK YOU…
A simple solution .Then you will never have to deal with this issue ever again.

Very beatiful watch. I wanna a skin for it too.

@Michael_Aldemir we don’t expect to spoon feed people mate. Thanks for the idea though.
@Prabu_Arun @Jorge_Moreira thanks - and it would be great if you can just edit the first post above to have the correct wording - then I can clean out these posts and we can move on :slight_smile:

I’m going to give this one a try…

@Prabu_Arun thankyou for adding the magic words :slight_smile:

Check ik out over here:

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Thank you for your great effort…