Can anyone create something like this with prayer times and Islamic dates

Can anyone create something like this with prayer times and Islamic dates


Can anyone say PLEASE to make it happen? Faisal maybe!?

typing error “PLEASE” you know these smart keyboards like to fill on its own.
A humble request can anyone please make this with prayer times :slight_smile:

Thanks for rectifying me

@faisal_masood Please provide a better image if you can.

May be this will help
missing/deleted image from Google+

i love if the dial move backward

Dials moving backwards no problem, dualtime showing other time = problem, round time at the lower moon :crescent_moon: = problem, I guess it’s Arabic call to pray? Need to have that font installed on the pc and understand it too. Since I don’t speak Arabic beside some curse words it’s a problem too. Not possible to display the call for prayer at a certain time at least I have no idea how to do it and last but not least who gets the credits. So if no one is doing it don’t be mad it’s because the watch engine doesn’t allow some of the needed behavior to do this watch properly. Selam

@Jurgen_Oberst Yes, I figured out the same problems. An interesting one, but not possible to do it, cause the watch engine is much to limited.
It’s a pity…

I understand what you guys are trying to explain but I’ve seen watches having prayer times in English, instead of lower moon it can be rectangle bar may be, anyway I don’t know much about it you guys definitely know better then me because I’m not an I.T person , thanks for trying.