Calibre 1887 on KW88

Calibre 1887 on KW88

Where can i find info on this kw88 what kind of watch is it

How do you add faces on the KW88? I have one, but since it’s not an android wear watch I haven’t been able to change faces.

@Canadian_Time-Vapers and @Russell_Shouse ​ you are both in the right place to get the answers to your questions…

@Canadian_Time-Vapers you can find information on the KW88 via the internet. Just keep in mind that these smart watches are NOT android wear, but are androids.

@Russell_Shouse to add faces onto KW88 you must install Zooper Pro(paid application) and Nova Launcher. Both can be found in google play store.

@Manny_M After load those 2 apps from play store, then what’s next? Could you please give the detailed instruction how to do that. Looking forward to and really appreciated for your help.

@Chavalid_Worrasanpis here are some simple but useful instructions from @Kenneth_Tan a while back regarding settings Start by turning the Settings-Dock-advanced “Dock as overlay” ON. That enables full screen resizing of the widgets.
Then in the settings-Desktop, set the width en height padding to 0.
That should have done it!

After you have done that, upload a Zooper Pro widget on a separate page, load the face you want, and on the main page of the widget, scroll down and increase or decrease the scaling.

Thank you indeed.

I wonder that does Watchmaker app works with KW88?

no it doesn’t. At the moment the only way to customize the watch face on these watches is to use the apps talked about here in this section.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thanks for clarification, really appreciated.