(By request from Pascal Carasso ) As third skin I modified my previous version

(By request from @Pascal_Carasso )

As third skin I modified my previous version of the Rolex Daytona Sigma Ref.6263, adding a dial battery instead the original hours dial of chronograph.
So, now you can choose one of them as your preference.

Software used:

  • Clockskinmaker
  • Photoshop


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You’re the best. Thank you so much !

realy impressive

Really nice !
I hope you won’t hate me for what follows, it’s just a little remark ;o)

I don’t use “Clockskinmaker” so I can’t say where the “problem” comes from, but some files are duplicated (not a big deal) but this is useless.

The same “.png” files can be used (referenced) many time in the clock_skin.xml !

So in your watch, you could delete “small_hand_s_1” and “small_hand_s_2” and “small_hand_1”, “small_hand_2” that are duplicates of “small_hand_s.png” and “small_hand.png”, and use those two last ones many times (3 times actually) in the xml file…

(same for corona_1_x i guess)

That’s just a suggestion to gain a couple of KBytes (as a programmer, I hate to waste bytes ;o)



Thanks @Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz , I didn’t notice that. I’ll will correct. :wink:

My pleasure ;o)

BTW, Is this an issue (bug) of ClockSkinMaker (Again, I don’t use it, I just use a text editor to build my xml) ?
Or is it the way people use this software (and misunderstanding of the doc (if any) ?
Maybe the developper of CSM should do something about that, would be cool.

@Peppe_Dirnt I have it installed on my KW88 as is. All you need is to install first Eric’s launcher or Standalone app and you’ll be able to install this watchskin (and many others).

i just installer the apk file. the watch works, but 3 small watch disappear. what should i do ?

very good on Kw 88 :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Pascal_Carasso what kind of launcher or stand alone app?? I tried to copy in my KW88 but the the function of the small clocks are dissappear. What should I do?

Plz tell how to install on kw88

install 'Eric Crochemore Launcher" on your Kw88
make folder “clockskin” on your Kw88
unzip the zip-file in foulder Clockskin

Do you have more models of this?