Buying Now/Upcoming Watches and Included Features

Obviously no one knows exactly when the next higher end A10 watch is coming out, but excluding NFC, is there really anything else to look forward to?

Based on past patterns it doesn’t seem like watches will come with more than 4/64gb for a while and in upcoming watches we are likely only going to see slightly bigger batteries/different designs and most likely NFC soon.

I’m looking at buying a Lemfo Lem 12 Pro (prefer the design to the 14), in your opinion, is it worth waiting?

The Lemfo LEM12 pro is an excellent watch. Personally, I wouldn’t expect any new watches with new features in the near future.

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Guess I shall purchase it. Looking forward to contributing on the software side.

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looks like 128GB rom is the new thing:
** NEW ** LEMFO Lem 15 - General / General Discussion - Full Android Watch

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Just more storage, not enough to keep me waiting another week :slight_smile: